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About The Daily Ava

 The Roots; The Purpose; The Reason Why 

Daily: everyday; day by day

Let’s do daily.

I believe in moments. I believe in focusing on what you can do in the moment, what you can handle right now. There is no peace, no rest in going too far ahead of where you are. I believe in doing the day.

Do daily with me.

Everyday life. The funny, the hilarious, the embarrassing, the sweet, the hard, the broken, the lost, the birds outside the window, the laundry piling up in the bathroom. Everyday life.

I believe every person needs a community. An authentic friend. I believe in the power of words. In impact. I believe in walking well with what I have been given. This is a platform for all of those things.

Let’s be daily people.

This is a place for you to be encouraged, to connect, to turn to when you need reassurance that you are not alone. Ask questions. Reach out. Build community.

I believe this blog can be powerful, not only in my life, but for those of you who care to share life with me. I believe there is a purpose in me writing this, in you reading this. I believe.

Let’s do daily. Everyday life. Taking it day by day. Together.